Lead Generation Course by Deepak Kanakaraju

You will learn:
– Lead Generation Basics
– B2C Lead Generation
– B2B Lead Generation
– Trust Building
– Sales and Conversions



100-Day Lead Generation Course (100 Lessons Delivered in 100 Days)

In these 100 days, you will start from the basics of lead generation and ultimately become a lead generation expert by the 100th day. This course is beginner friendly, anyone who doesn’t have any prior knowledge can use it effectively. All the strategies and knowledge that are shared in this course will help you grow your business faster than ever before.


The top 5 things you will learn in this 100-day Course

  1. Lead Generation Basics

    Learn the basics of lead generation. Differences between B2C and B2B lead Generation and more.

  2. Lead Generation Funnels

    Learn how to create a lead generation funnel that will capture leads and nurture them on automation.

  3. Lead Generation Tools

    Tools that will help you generate high-quality leads instantly without the high costs involved.

  4. Marketing Automation

    Email marketing automation and automatic sales through proven templates and systems.

  5. Sales and Closing Deals

    What’s the point of generating leads if you cannot close them? Learn how to close deals and make a profit


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100-Day Lead Generation Course (100 Lessons Delivered in 100 Days)
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Deepak Kanakaraju, usually known as “Digital Deepak” in the industry. He is a Blogger, Speaker & Trainer in the Digital Marketing field. He has more than 10 years experience in Digital Marketing and is the co-founder of PixelTrack Digital. He blogs about digital marketing at DigitalDeepak